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News & Updates:

Stop by and see our rain barrels!!! We now have 65 and 80 gallon barrels for sale. They easily attach to your down spout and includes a lid with filter screen and a brass faucet.

Watch a quick vido, available on YouTube about the importance of rain barrels, and the barrels in the video are the ones carried by your Lakelands Nursery.

You Tube: Rain Barrels

Watch a short video of the "The Life Cycle of The Monarch Butterfly" captured at Lakelands from the depositing of an egg to hatching monarch butterflies. Eggs were deposited on an "Oscar" plant again this year, and was enclosed in netting. Eleven Monarchs hatched and left Lakelands Nursery during the month of September.

Stop by and visit our two new members working at the Nursery, Bull and Izzie. Bull and Izzie are Box Turtles. Previously injured ,by the turtles #1 predator, automobiles, they are now full time Slug and Insect hunters at the Nursery. A Box turtle is a welcome addition to your garden, their favorite foods are slugs. It is not pretty to watch but they do hunt them down. So don't be alarmed if you hear a "wooshing" sound as one closes it's shell or the "slapping" of it's fat flat feet as it scampers away from you. They will not bite. (Scampering is not the right word to describe them but they do cover a bit of territory quickly). We will have more on turtles at another time on how to have a very eco friendly garden using the box turtle, so if you see one along the road, or in the road, stop and take him across it. He/she will appreciate it as much as you will.


Bull sulking in new home.

Izzie posing.

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